Hello! Welcome to Flo ..and other stories!
I’m Flo, born and bred in a little town in Sarawak, the Malaysian part of the Borneo island. I think of myself as a modern-day nomad by circumstance. Be it for studies or work, I’ve never lived in a city longer than 4 years since the first time I left my hometown. Truth be told, I enjoyed the constant change and the adventure it brings. I love to travel, see the world and experience life unlike my own. Even as a kid, I’ve always known that there is more to life than what I was told to believe. The world is a big adventure, all I have to do is have a little courage to take the first step outside of my bubble. Here, you’ll find stories of the places I visited and content related to travel.

Beauty related content
While I’m no beauty guru or skincare extraordinaire and my approach towards beauty has changed over the years, I still consider myself a makeup enthusiast who loves sharing new discoveries and favourite products with the beauty community.

Growing up, I’ve always struggled with acne and I understand first hand what it’s like to have skin problems and what it does to your self-esteem. I’m sharing my skincare journey in hope that it’ll help anyone who is going through the same thing I did. Other than that, I’ll also write about topics related to beauty in general.

Movies, books, TV series, music
I don’t do the typical movie/book/music critic reviews, I’m not here to tell you what to think. I’ll just simply share my thoughts and perhaps recommend stuff that you may enjoy as well.

… other stories?
This is a special section of this blog that I’m currently still working on. I’m trying to get back to rigorous writing routine and stick to it.

I guess that’s it for now. Have a beautiful day and happy reading!