Quick Hamburg trip update & a day at the beach :)

Just got back from a 6-day trip to Hamburg, a beautiful and thriving port city in nothern Germany. A quick summary of what I thought of the city; I absolutely love Hamburg! The city is often compared to the country’s capital, another nothern German city, Berlin. I’d say both are quite similar in vibes but differs when it comes to infrastructure and urban development. I … Continue reading Quick Hamburg trip update & a day at the beach 🙂

Day Trip: Hanover

On Monday, we went to Hanover before leaving to Berlin later that evening. Hubby was there for work, I tagged along and did some quick sight-seeing during the day. Hanover (German: Hannover), the capital city of the state of Lower Saxony (Niedersachsen) is approximately 3 hours train ride from Heidelberg. The city is probably most well-known for hosting the annual computer and IT trade fair, … Continue reading Day Trip: Hanover

Day trip: Idar-Oberstein & Flugaustellung P. Junior, Hermeskeil

Now that it seems clear that we’re going to settle in Germany for at least the next one year, I’ve decided to add another category called Life in Germany to document or share my experience living here as a non EU-citizen. After some encounters with fellow ‘aliens’ (‘Aliens Office’ or Ausländeramt is responsible for your Residence Permit application), I thought that it would be interesting … Continue reading Day trip: Idar-Oberstein & Flugaustellung P. Junior, Hermeskeil

Short N. Ireland trip & Game of Thrones!

HBO released the first official photos of the highly anticipated Game of Thrones season 7 in less than 24 hours ago and folks went crazy with some real deep, thorough analysis of each shot! If you’re a GoT fan like yours truly, this fan behaviour won’t surprise you at all. I was barely awake when I saw someone posted this in Facebook and needless to … Continue reading Short N. Ireland trip & Game of Thrones!

Easter Saturday.

Frohe Ostern! That’s Happy Easter in German 😊 Hubby and I went for a short walk to a local cattle farm called Bierhelderhof. Today was my first time visiting the place. The moment we stepped out of the car, we were welcomed by the overwhelming smell of what I’d described as very similar to a particular Sarawakian delicacy which is fermented fish😨😷😁. Hubby simply said, … Continue reading Easter Saturday.

New Year’s Celebration / Silvester in Germany

Yeah, I know, it’s already 5th January and most people are already tired of 2017 ;p I got to work on getting my blog post on time. Nope, that’s not my New Year’s resolution. Ushering 2016 in at Cenang Beach, Langkawi really doesn’t feel like a year ago. Is it me or time seems to go faster each year? Now we’re in 2017, a year … Continue reading New Year’s Celebration / Silvester in Germany

Christmas in Germany 2016.

This year’s Christmas is my first Christmas with my husband’s family in Germany. God, it still feels weird saying the word ‘husband’… Spoiler: No pictures of white Christmas in Germany. According to all Germans I spoke to, there has been NO white Christmas in Heidelberg for a loooong time. Global warming? Unlike in Malaysia and many other countries, Christmas is celebrated on the 24th of … Continue reading Christmas in Germany 2016.

Moving to Dublin, Ireland.

Moving to a new country, regardless of the reason, can be rather unnerving, even for the well-traveled folks. If you find yourself unexpectedly moving to a country you know little to nothing about, every tiny bit of helpful info counts. I’ve always thought Ireland is a beautiful country but it was never in my top list of country to move to. Hey, you’ve always wanted … Continue reading Moving to Dublin, Ireland.