Personal Shopper (2017)

I’d like to start by saying that I don’t understand why this particular movie by French director, Olivier Assayas, starring Kristen Stewart as the main character, was booed at the Cannes Film Festival last year. After watching it for the first time yesterday, I personally think it is a well-made and compelling movie. Not to mention, this movie managed to convince me that Kristen Stewart … Continue reading Personal Shopper (2017)

A phone call with a Recruiter.

I still suck at writing blog post titles. Sigh. Well, as mentioned in the title, I had an interesting experience talking to a recruiter on the phone today and I thought I’d write about it here. It’s completely okay not to know everything. This recruiter, let’s just call him Andy, approached me on LinkedIn yesterday with a job offer at ‘a leading American tech company … Continue reading A phone call with a Recruiter.

Ausländer on job search in Germany.

September is here and it marks the one month I have been actively applying for jobs here in Germany. The reason why I didn’t do it sooner was because 1) I haven’t received my EU resident permit yet until some days ago, 2) We were moving around since last year and only, finally, settling in Berlin early this month. When I first moved to Germany, … Continue reading Ausländer on job search in Germany.

Game of Thrones is taking over my life!

I should be focusing on job search right now (job search in Germany feels like a job itself, an unpaid one) but like millions of fans worldwide, these past six weeks of my life is all about Game of Thrones Season 7. With one more episode before the final season of the biggest drama series in TV show history, I find it’s hard to resist … Continue reading Game of Thrones is taking over my life!

I had FIVE teeth extracted in one day!

On Monday this week, I went to an oral surgeon here in Heidelberg to get all of my wisdom teeth and one bad tooth extracted in one session. Crazy, right? For the record, I haven’t been to the dentist for over a decade because I was such a baby and scared of dentists. After the sudden pain I had in Hamburg some weeks ago, I … Continue reading I had FIVE teeth extracted in one day!

My skin is acting up again!

My skin has never been perfectly flawless, as in clear from any blemishes or hyperpigmentations, but it has been relatively clear from major break-outs for the past few months. I still get one small pimple (maximum two) on my chin or along my jawline during my period but it’s nothing that won’t go away within a week.  So when I started having pimples about two … Continue reading My skin is acting up again!

Quick Hamburg trip update & a day at the beach :)

Just got back from a 6-day trip to Hamburg, a beautiful and thriving port city in nothern Germany. A quick summary of what I thought of the city; I absolutely love Hamburg! The city is often compared to the country’s capital, another nothern German city, Berlin. I’d say both are quite similar in vibes but differs when it comes to infrastructure and urban development. I … Continue reading Quick Hamburg trip update & a day at the beach 🙂