Summer Hair: Second Try

After giving my hair a rest and giving them loads of TLC for about a week, I decided to give the rose gold hair another go. I lightened my hair using Garnier Nutrisse Creme (100 Summer Blond Extra Light) in an attempt to remove the orange colour from my hair after that failed #pinkhair try last week.


I discovered Directions hair dye after days of researching, which essentially means reading reviews and watching Youtube videos.



If you live in Heidelberg, chances are you have to drive to Mannheim or shop online for non-mainstream brands. So I was pleasantly surprised to find out that COSMO (kinda like Sally Beauty) carries Directions hair dyes both in their stores and online shop. After reading through countless DIY hair colour threads and Youtube tutorials like this one, I went ahead and bought Violet from La Riche Directions which I thought was similar to Punky Colour’s Purple dye that was recommended for hair colour like mine. I needed a colour that is close to magenta instead of the actual pink because my hair still have loads of yellow and golden hues on it. Turned out, Violet is more blue-ish and wouldn’t work to create the magenta colour I wanted. So I went to COSMO again with the intention to buy Flamingo Pink and ended up picking Lavender too (just in case I changed my mind 😆) and got some freebies.

Snickers? In case you’re hungry while waiting for your hair colour to set 🙂

Colour mixing:

  1. For my roots: Violet mixed with some white conditioner and a small dollop of Flamingo Pink because I didn’t want it to be too dark. I decided to colour my roots in Violet to neutralise the yellowness. The last time I applied a pure pink dye, they turned out orange.
I used old tooth brush because I don’t have a proper brush for hair dye lol.

2. The rest of my hair: Flamingo pink with some white conditioner and some violet to create a somewhat magenta colour.



First, I washed my hair with a regular shampoo and blow-dry it. Then I sectioned my hair in three layers as per usual (lower, mid and top). I applied the violet dye to approximately 3cm of my roots on each sections. Then I applied the magenta colour to the rest of my hair. I left the dye in my hair for about 1 hour and washed with cold water.

This is the result of the first try:


The result looked patchy mainly because of my hair colour and how I applied the dye. My bleached hair is darker at the roots to the middle and very light, almost pale blonde, at the tip. Some streaks took more of the magenta colour, which resulted in a cotton candy pink, because they were light enough (these were highlights, further lighten from another bleaching process recently). The rest of my hair turned slightly orange because I didn’t properly saturate them with the dye.

So I went for another round of colouring with the same colour formula and waiting time. This time, I took my time saturating each small section of hair, especially the part between my roots and tip which didn’t take in much dye. This is the final result which is nothing like the colour I originally wanted (read Hair Inspiration) but I am happy to say that I love it!



If you’re looking to dye your hair in fun, vibrant colours, I highly recommend trying out Directions range of hair dye. The dye comes in drugstore price (yeayyy!!!), very pigmented, easy to use and no horrible chemical smell. It’s a semi-permanent dye, which means the colour will fade after a few washes. I’ll keep you updated on how long this colour last on me. As for now, I am one happy girl!


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