Project Summer Hair Part 3 : Colouring my hair pink!


Expectation (what we’re sold on)



Reality (results may vary)

Left: My hair right after bleaching Right: after using the pink dye one day after bleaching.

My experience using L’Oreal Colorista Washout #pinkhair

The main selling point of L’Oreal Colorista Washout for me is that it’s a semi-permanent dye that’ll fade out after a few washes and it’s easy to use. You supposedly just squeeze out the product from the tube and apply it on your hair to create your desired look.


The colouring kit comes with a tube of 80ml pink dye and two pairs of plastic gloves.


Yes, I am aware that my hair have more yellow pigments compared to the girl in L’Oreal Colorista Washout (#pinkhair) ad. I wasn’t going for pastel pink, I somehow thought the remaining yellow pigments in my hair would mix well with the pink dye to produce a somewhat rose gold tone. #logicfail

The dye itself doesn’t have any distinct smell and has a jelly-like texture. Upon applying the product on my hair, I had the feeling that the colour will not show much on my hair despite the fact that it’s bleached to light blonde. I coloured my hair before and I know how well-saturated dye looks and feels like on my hair.

Learning from my first bleaching mistake (I almost ran out of product before reaching the top section of my hair), I sectioned my hair to three sections; top, middle and low. This allows for more even application and concentrate the dye on the part of my hair that I’m supposed to ‘cover’. 80ml of product may seems like a lot for most people with medium-legth hair but for my thick hair, one tube is barely enough.

According to the instruction leaflet (yes, I did read the instructions!), to achieve pastel tone, I should leave the product on my hair for 15 minutes and 20-30 minutes for vivid tone. I left mine for exactly 25 minutes. I mean, what’s another 5 minutes would do to the colour…

Upon washing out the dye from my hair and towel-dry my hair, I immediately saw my hair has turned somewhat salmon-coloured. Instead of washing it off again and use the toning conditioner, I left it the way it is, hoping that it’ll get better tomorrow. LOL.

The day after dyeing my hair pink, it somehow appears more orange with some rose gold patches.


Here are more pictures comparing the different tone my hair looks like in different lighting.




– It’s a fail.
– I did my best to make this product work but after seeing the end result, I have to say I do not recommend it. If it works for you, I’m jealous.
– I’d stick to this crazy orange for now. If anyone asked, I’ll just tell them that I was inspired by my favourite Disney character, Merida!


To conclude this semi-successful summer hair project, here’s what the corner of my bathroom looks like after 2 weeks of DIY hair bleaching and colouring. And oh, these posts aren’t sponsored by the way… although I don’t mind if anyone is interested!



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