Marc Jacobs Beauty Re(marc)able Full Cover Foundation Concentrate

Let me start by stating that I did not buy this foundation and this review is based on an experience of trying on this product in a Sephora outlet in Kuala Lumpur early last year. Yesterday, I came across some horrendous pictures of me trying out foundations and wanted to share my thoughts on this particular high-end foundation, which in my opinion, the worst high-end foundation I have tried.

When it comes to foundations, my typical method of finding the best match for my skin tone is by swatching the product on my chest and check on the swatch 30 minutes later to see if the foundation oxidized. But because I was looking for a foundation for my wedding, I decided to be more thorough in my method. With Marc Jacobs Re(marc)able Full Cover Foundation, I took pictures of my face in different lighting with and without flash once I got home.

This is one of those high-end foundations that you’d hardly find any bad reviews about them which was the main reason why I decided to go to Sephora and try it on. According to their product info in Sephora website, Marc Jacobs Beauty
Re(marc)able Full Cover Foundation Concentrate is ” An innovative foundation that delivers instant full coverage in a single dot—for less foundation for more coverage that lasts up to 24 hours.”

A little over 2 hours after initial application at Sephora. The one on the left (in the pic) is too light, the one on the right is my match.
It looked really good, I was in love with it for a moment!

I tried two shades, I can’t remember exactly what were the shade numbers but they were from the Bisque range. Before applying the two shades, the Sephora SA cleansed my face with a Glamglow makeup remover which felt nice and pat dry my skin to remove access moisture/dampness. Then she applied the foundation with a foundation brush, different shade on each side of my face to see which one match me better. Upon application, the I could definitely feel the product on my skin but it wasn’t anything bad. The finish wasn’t too matte, my skin looked airbrushed and I was happy with the shade match so I decided to wear it for a few hours to see the lasting power.

Natural light, after blotting. The fading on my nose was already very obvious.

I continued my shopping and walked home (was living within 20 mins walk from the mall) a two hours later. Back then, my skin was oily and I tend to sweat easily so the hot and humid weather really didn’t help. By the time I got home, I was drenched in sweat. I lightly pat the side of my face dry with a face tissue and took some pictures using natural light. The foundation faded on my nose but it didn’t look too horrible. Then I took a photo with flash to check for if the foundation is flash-friendly and this happened:

I don’t know where to start… terrible fading or ghostly flashback.


Suffice to say I decided that this foundation is not worth my money and never thought about it since that day. Shortly before writing this review, I looked up more reviews about this foundation because I really don’t get the glowing reviews and these are THE ONLY negative reviews that I could find.

HotandFlashy: Foundation Friday Over 50 | #16 | Marc Jacobs Re(Marc)able

Absolutely FULL-COVERAGE. The most full-coverage foundation I have ever tried.
Very pigmented. I literally needed four small dots for my entire face.
Glowy, semi-matte finish.

Definitely needs some kind of primer beforehand.
Clings to every hair or dry patches on skin.
Fades horribly
Flashback. I wonder why nobody ever mentioned this.

Would I recommend this foundation? Yes, if you have money to blow. No, if you already have a cheaper foundation that does a decent job.

Short rant:
“Oh, you should’ve used a primer!” No, thanks. For a 55USD (retails at RM250 in Sephora Malaysia) foundation, I expected more than just average staying power. My Estee Lauder Doublewear is half the price and have no problem staying on my skin through oiliness, sweat and rain! Heck, I can even come up with at least 3 drugstore foundations that have better staying power than this overpriced stuff.

Now that I’ve got this out, I can finally remove these ugly pictures from my phone storage. Tried it, didn’t like it and just won’t bother with this unRe(marc)able foundation.


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