KIKO Cosmetics Extra Sculpt Mascara (Waterproof)

Recently I decided that I’d slowly replace the non cruelty-free brands that I use in my daily life to a safer, cruelty-free brands. This is not an easy change because most of my favourite makeup products are from non-cruelty-free companies or belong to parent companies which are not cruelty-free.

When it comes to mascara, I already found my HG mascaras from both high-end and drugstore brands. Unfortunately, they’re all from non cruelty-free brands, namely Lancome, Dior and Maybelline. So I’m constantly trying new products from cruelty-free brands to replace some products I currently owned and love which belong to non-cruelty-free brands. I’ll explain more about this in another blog post.

KIKO Cosmetics Extra Sculpt Waterproof Mascara 11.0 ml (€8.95)

Let me start of by stating that this mascara is another Youtube Made Me Buy It (YMMBI). It was highly praised by Kathleen Lights and lauded as her favourite mascara. She recommended the Wet n’ Wild Coloricon bronzer that I loved so much that yesterday I hit pan on it. I usually take recommendations with a grain of salt. Everyone’s facial features and preferences are different; what works for her may not work for me and vice versa. But knowing her taste in makeup and considering that this Kiko mascara is cheaper than my current drugstore favourite from Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara, I decided to give this mascara a try.

According to KIKO, this is a ‘volumizing mascara for fuller-looking lashes with a panoramic effect’. I cringe whenever brands make claims as such.. they can just say ‘meant to volumise and lengthen your lashes’, I’d buy that.20170417_134739
I’m not the one who usually drools at product design or packaging. But I have to say that this tube is probably my favourite mascara tube design ever. According to KIKO, this modern packaging is created exclusively for KIKO by celebrity designer Makio Hasuike.

Curled only lashes and with mascara comparison.

Ophthalmologically tested. This is very important for me in general. The product can get in contact with your eyeballs, you need to know that it’s safe for your eyes, right?
The formula is Paraben and fragrance free. It is more of a ‘wet’ mascara but doesn’t clump and dries down to a natural looking finish.
One coat for very natural-looking lashes
Does not flake
Easy to take off
The handle isn’t bulky (unlike, for example, Maybelline Lash Sensational) makes it easier to hold

KIKO Extra Sculpt and Maybelline Lash Sensational brush comparison

The hourglass-shaped brush, the ‘square’ at the tip is too big and the bristle being too long on each end. Because of the design, the product tend to smudge on either the inner and/or outer corner of my eyes.
Not too black. I like my mascara to be VERY black.
Does not really hold curl well enough. Bear in mind, I have short, stubbornly straight lashes that insist on pointing downward which is why I only stick with ‘drier’ formula.

Would I recommend this mascara? Yes, if you have naturally long lashes that are not hard to curl and you want a natural-looking mascara. No, if your lashes are stubborn like mine.

It’s a decent mascara for the price but I still prefer Maybelline Lash Sensational over it. This is simply because I feel like I need to really work this mascara out unlike the Maybelline one which gives me the result I want with much less effort. I will continue to use it and make it work on my lashes. Now that I’ve tried this one out and it doesn’t do too bad, I’ll also give other Kiko mascaras a try.


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