Easter Saturday.

Frohe Ostern! That’s Happy Easter in German 😊 Hubby and I went for a short walk to a local cattle farm called Bierhelderhof. Today was my first time visiting the place. The moment we stepped out of the car, we were welcomed by the overwhelming smell of what I’d described as very similar to a particular Sarawakian delicacy which is fermented fish😨😷😁. Hubby simply said, “it’s the smell of the countryside,”. I think he meant to say ‘smell of cattle farm’.

Being a Malaysian, I’m immuned to what foreigners thought as pungent or smelly (durian, anyone? haha). It was a nice visit and I assume it must be really pretty here in the summer. We’ll definitely check out the beer garden here once it’s open in a few months time.

Afterwards we went to an old abandoned quarry in Dossenheim which looks like a scene from Resident Evil game. 

Being a scaredy cat that I am, I wanted to leave the place right away. We went to another nicer, less scary looking former quarry Leferenz. Quarries aren’t actually the typical tourist attractions but we’re not tourists and we just like to visit places that we’ve never been to before.

Went home around 7pm and had a simple but delicious Spätzle cooked by le hubby. German dishes aren’t the most aesthetically pleasing but don’t let the look deter you from trying them out; they’re super yummy and wholesome.

Next, it’s movie time! Thinking of watching Donnie Darko again.. it’s one of my favourite movies ever.

Hope your day is as productive as mine haha. Tschuuuusss!


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