I have changed.

Happy Friday, folks! We’re driving to Munich in an hour so this is really just a quick post. I promised myself to post something by Friday and I totally forgot about it until half an hour ago.

Some weeks ago I was thinking about writing a post about my complete skin care routine and every day makeup look. Halfway through compiling all the products I’m currently using, I realized how much my approach to skin care and makeup has changed within a year. In fact, I did a major change in the way I live without even realizing it. 

The last one year has been a whirlwind; quit my job I had grown to love, left Kuala Lumpur, got married in Germany, moved temporarily to Dublin, Ireland. Being free from my previous, hectic daily routine gave me lot of time to think about things I couldn’t pay much attention to back then. What does this has anything to do with skin care and makeup, you may ask. Well, back then, much of my buying decision is influenced by what I saw advertised (direct and indirectly) online. I needed to make quick decisions, I didn’t really think about the right approach tailored to address my skin concerns that I should be taking. This resulted in me spending more money on instant, short-term solution – covering my skin imperfections – instead of focusing on fixing the problem. 

I had a terrible breakout in June – August last year (a few months before my wedding) and I legit had some minor breakdown because of it.  I was handling some major projects at work while trying to organise a wedding, acne is the last thing I should be worried about. That was when I decided that enough is enough. So since October 2016, I’ve been slowly making changes to my skin care and makeup routine to meet my goal of having healthy skin and being able to rock the ‘clean beauty’ look on a daily basis.

There’s a beauty channel in Youtube I’m currently in love with called violette_fr by a Parisian makeup artist living in New York (sometimes she films in Paris, which I love!). I’d describe her style as effortless chic, minimal but impactful.

To be honest, I’m done with the Youtube beauty gurus way of doing makeup.. at least for now :p I mean, I still love the looks and idea of it but I don’t think I have the energy and more importantly, money, to keep up with these ever-changing makeup trends. I love doing makeup but I’m tired of having to pack tons of brushes and three different powders with me whenever I go on a short trip. I’m sick of having anxiety issues over small stuff like misplacing my favourite crease brush or running out of my highlighting concealer when I still have five other different type of concealers that I can use.

What I learned from binge watching Violette videos is that healthy skin is the key to effortless beauty that I’ve been trying to achieve for years. I spent the most time on my base, trying to blend foundation and concealers to perfection. Life’s too damn precious to be wasted worrying about unblended foundations :p Have good skin and problem is solved!

Ok, ramblings over. Gotta start driving to Munich now. Have a great weekend, lovelies!



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