Wet n Wild’s Coloricon Bronzer (Reserve Your Cabana)

I don’t know what kind of skin tone that can wear this shade as bronzer…

I’m one of those few people who never jumped on the intense highlighting craze. While it may look pretty on pictures, I don’t think it’ll work well on my textured skin. Plus, I’ve gotten to the age where I tend to go for the more ‘natural’ look on most days.

I think makeup is all about personal preference. Some people like blinding strip of highlights on their cheekbones while others may feel like highlighters are one of those makeup products that they can do without. To each their own.

The drugstores is still lacking on good highlighters and I’m not comfortable with spending over €40 for a highlighter. Thanks to Youtube, I discovered this product from one of Kathleen Light’s videos about her favourite highlighters.

Having textured skin, a subtle, natural glow is the look I’m after when it comes to highlighting. I was sold on the idea of checking this bronzer out the moment she mentioned the words ‘natural-looking’. I hate buying new makeup products without swatching them but I went ahead and purchased this bronzer in a Dunnes supermarket (unfortunately, Boots doesn’t carry Wet n Wild products). Although the product gets rave reviews online, I didn’t have high hope for such low-priced bronzer/highlight. Boy, I was wrong.. I love this powder so much, I’ve been using it every day for a week now!

How I use it
I usually dust it all over my face, focusing more on the areas where lights naturally hit my face and lightly buff it over my blush and contour/bronzer to soften them. After that, I’d spray some Fix+ or sometimes, my Avene thermal spring water, to avoid making the skin look too powdery.

The right amount of shimmer that makes it work as finishing powder and buildable for a more noticeable highlight
The finish is soft, natural sheen
Does not emphasize pores/textures
Not drying or cakey (unless you really pack on a lot of it)
The shade compliments fair skin tone
You’re getting a lot of product, 13 g for less than €5

Slightly powdery
The packaging is not sturdy

Some reviews I read online said that this bronzer is a dupe for Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Dim Light ($46.00). I don’t have the Hourglass powder but I’ve swatched it in Sephora stores a few times before and I can say for sure that the only similarity these two products has is the shade. The Wet n Wild bronzer is more powdery while the Hourglass ALP feels smoother and gives a more airbrushed look on the skin.

Definitely! Priced at €4.59 and hella lot of product, it’s totally worth trying out. Stay away if you want a super intense, blinding highlight.

Have you tried this product? Any other product from Wet n Wild you’d suggest checking out? Let me know in the comment section below!


8 thoughts on “Wet n Wild’s Coloricon Bronzer (Reserve Your Cabana)

    1. Thanks for the comment! This is a VERY subtle highlighter, i think it’ll work for those with fair to light medium skin tone. For the price, it’s worth trying πŸ™‚
      P/S if you have a Kiko Milano store in your city, you may want to check out their Summer 2.0 Highlighting Drops (liquid highlighter). Swatched them some weeks ago, they’re gorgeous!

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      1. Oh, I guess it would work on my skin tone then! But yeah it is quite cheap so it’s worth a try!
        Thanks! πŸ’•πŸ’•
        And no unfortunately I don’t have a kilo Milano store in my city!

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      2. If it’s too light for you, try mixing it your bronzer. Sometimes i do this as well if my highlighter is a bit too light for me (i get tanned easily). Again, this W&W ‘bronzer’ is actually really subtle. Even if it’s a shade too light for you, it won’t be too obvious. Let me know how it goes once you get to try it πŸ˜‰

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