Velour Lashes (Whispie Me Away)

I don’t consider false lashes as a makeup staple but it’s one of those things that can really step up your makeup game if done right. I have short, stubbornly straight lashes which is a common issue among us Oriental gals. I used to just rely on very good mascaras, which often are from high-end brands to make my lashes visible. After months of practice, I finally managed to put on a pair of false lashes without having an emotional breakdown. On a bad lash day, a pair of good false lashes is my saviour.

Eylure’s Fleur Loves

ardell-accent-2Ardell accent wispies are my go-to lashes, they’re perfect for my eye shapes and very flattering without looking OTT. I recently discovered similar looking lashes by Eylure called Fleur Loves. Apparently it’s a collab between Eylure and Fleur DeForce, whom I just found out today is a famous London-based beauty vlogger/Youtuber (insert shock-face emoji here). I know, I know, I’ve been living under the rock.


I don’t wear falsies on daily basis but when I do put them on, I mostly wear Eylure’s Fleur Loves. I find thin or invisible bands are easy to put on and comfortable for long hours of wear.

On to the review…

I bought these Velour lashes (Whispie Me Away) from Beauty Bay  priced at €27.70, originally intended for my wedding day but the package arrived too late which resulted in me resorting to Ardell’s accent whispies instead (this is how I discovered these accent whispies).

According to Velour, their lashes are made from ethically sourced and sterilised Mink hair.
“100% natural mink hair is free from any chemical processing or dyes. Velour mink is collected from free-range zoos and recycled during the shedding seasons, it’s then sterilized to ensure it is completely safe for use.”

After months of putting them away in the drawers, I finally wore them for the first time yesterday because I ran out of my Eylure’s Fleur Loves lashes and I have to say, I wasn’t too impressed. I have mixed feelings about these lashes which made me feel like writing a review about them. I wore these Velour lashes for less than four hours yesterday and by the time I got home, they’re the first thing I was itching to take off. The thick bands made it rather painful to strip them away from my lash lines. Some of my real lashes came off with the bands and my skin on my lash lines were red from pulling the lashes off them. I woke up today with a slightly swollen and irritated right eyelid. I’ve worn falsies often enough to know that this is not normal.

Because they’re made from real Mink hair, these lashes looked very similar to real human lashes. The way the hair are positioned make these lashes looked naturally flattering.

***I apologise for not putting any picture of me wearing these Velour lashes. I didn’t intend to write a review about it when I wore them yesterday so I didn’t thought of taking any pictures. I’m very reluctant to put them on again because of the inflammation on my right eye’s lash line right now.

Thick bands. Now that I tried thick band lashes, I can say for sure that I dislike them. Many reviews saying that these lashes are lightweight and very comfortable to wear, I strongly disagree with these claims. The thick bands also made it very obvious that you’re wearing falsies, which in my opinion, defeats the purpose of opting for ‘natural-looking lashes’. You have to fill in your waterline with dark/black eyeliner so that the lash bands blend well with your actual lash lines. Lastly, if you have small eyes, you have to cut at least half an inch of them. Call me a cheapskate but these lashes aren’t cheap and cutting that much away really feels like a waste for me.

I can only recommend these Velour lashes if A) you’re a Pro at putting on lashes B) you like thick bands on lashes.

Will I buy it again? NO. In fact, I will never buy any non-synthetic and pricey lashes anymore. Drugstore brands like Ardell, Eylure and even SOSU lashes from Penneys are my preferred options not only because they’re not made from any animal-based material, unbeatable prices (all below €10!!!), reusable up to 10 times (if you take good care of them) and wide variety of styles to suit all eye shapes.

Hope this review is hopeful. Do let me know in the comments section below if you have any questions or recommendations. Tchuss!!


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