La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo+ & Unifiant review

I just realized that I haven’t been posting about skincare as much as I wanted to. It’s not a surprise to me because when it comes to skincare, I’m the kind of person that sticks to the routine and products that work for me. I’d usually try on a product for at least one month before swearing about it to everyone.

When it comes to skincare, I don’t believe in ‘miracle products’. Our skin has multiple layers and it needs approximately 27 days to regenerate. Therefore, you’d need to use a product for at least one month to notice if it does anything good for your skin. Of course, if your skin react negatively to a product right away, you may want to stop using the said product.

A brief background on my skin type:
Up until late last year, my skin used to be on the oily-combination type and prone to breakout. The hot and humid climate in Malaysia and the long hours in an air-conditioned room during the day only worsen my skin problems. These factors also made it really difficult to find products to effectively tackle my varying skin issues. I moved to Germany late August 2016 and noticed that my skin has gradually become normal and experienced less breakouts. I slowly changed my skincare products to suit the current climate and my skin type to give my skin enough time to adapt to new formulations.

Except for the clarifying toner, these are all of the products in the Effaclar range I’m currently using.

Now, let’s get on with the product review!

La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo+ 40ml €18.40
This product claims to correct the appearance of blemishes, unclogs pores and refine the look of skin texture. It’s marketed for those with acne-prone and sensitive skin.

The moment I applied this product to my face, I knew right away that I’d love it because of the formula. It’s really light, hydrating and easily melt into the skin. Despite having fragrance in its formulation, it doesn’t have any distinct smell nor does it irritate my skin. I’ve been using it since November 2016 (I was on the LRP Effaclar 3-Step Anti-Blemish System skin care regimen) and haven’t had any major breakout since then. I’ll write about my full skincare routine in a separate post later.

I don’t have issue with visible pores because I think it’s completely normal to have them if you’re human. But to address the claims above, it does make my pores appears smaller and my skin texture refine after two months of using it. Although it does slowly fade some of my acne scars, I don’t think it’s very effective for that purpose. I still have some scars from the breakouts I had four months ago. I can’t say much about its efficacy on shine control because my skin has been on the normal side since December last year. Before buying the Unifiant one (read below), I used Effaclar Duo+ as a day time moisturizer and I also love to wear it under my foundation.

La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo+ Unifiant Light 40ml €18.90
It basically has the same formula and claim to give the same benefits like the original Effaclar Duo+ but with added pigment/tint. Unifiant provides sheer coverage like typical tinted moisturizers and comes in two shades, light and medium. My skin tone is currently NC25 and the shade light is perfect for me. Upon application, it appears to be a bit ashy but once properly blended into the skin, it’ll simply even out my skin tone without adding much tint/colour.

As for its claim to ‘visibly reduces the appearance of imperfections after just 8 days’, I’d say it doesn’t work on me. That being said, I’ve been using this for almost a month now and my skin seems to react well to it. I love Unifiant for my no-makeup day because of it’s basically three products in one (moisturizer, primer and super light BB cream) that saves me a lot of time getting ready in the morning. Just like the original formula, I love Unifiant as a primer because it evens out my skin tone and blurs some imperfections.

If you’re in Ireland and have a McCabes Pharmacy store nearby, I’d recommend buying La Roche Posay products there because they offer the lowest price compares to Boots or other online retailers like Escentual and Feelunique.

Hope this review helps if you’re interested in trying this products out. Have a great weekend ahead!



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