Easy Roasted Butternut Squash Soup Recipe

In a previous blog post, I mentioned about wanting to reduce my meat intake and include more plant-based food in my diet. My sister-in-law, a vegetarian since her teenage years (probably a vegan now), baked a vegan Thanksgiving roast for Christmas dinner and I was impressed at how good it tasted. Since then, I’ve been looking up vegan recipes and wanted to try making them at home.

I’m not going vegan or on a strict diet, I just think it’s time to take better care of my body. Eating healthy is the best starting point. Should I add that eating less meat is also good for your monthly grocery budget?

You don’t have to roast the squash before cooking them. For a really fuss-free cooking, you can just put everything in a pot and let it cook for 30 minutes and before blending the soup in a blender or food processor. But what I gathered from many different recipes online, roasting the squash to a deep brown colour is the secret to the intense, sweet flavour. Plus, I have loads of free-time today 🙂

“Low in fat, butternut squash delivers an ample dose of dietary fiber, making it an exceptionally heart-friendly choice. It provides significant amounts of potassium, important for bone health, and vitamin B6, essential for the proper functioning of both the nervous and immune systems.” whole living

1 Butternut squash, halve
Half of yellow onion, diced
1 head of garlic, cut in half
Vegetable stock
Coconut milk
Cooking oil
*I don’t have exact measurement of how much vegetable stock and coconut milk to use because I think it’s up to your preference. For a thicker soup, use more coconut milk.

Rosemary or sage *optional but really helps to give richer flavour to the soup

1. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.
2. Season the halved and deseed squash with salt, pepper and rosemary. Cut the garlic head in half and put them inside the deseed squash to be roasted.
3. Drizzle the squash with some oil and place them on baking tray (or whatever utensil you can use to bake in high heat). Off to the oven now for about an hour. You can check if they’re cooked by poking the center with a knife. The texture should feel tender, similar to butter.
4. Once cooked, take the squash out of the oven to cool down before you scoop the flesh out. Don’t throw away the garlic, you’re going to need it later.
5. In a pot, heat the oil and throw in diced onions. Once the onions started to caramelised, add in the roasted garlic and season to taste. Cook for about a minute before adding in the squash flesh.
6. Add vegetable stock and simmer on low heat for 10 minutes.
7. Add coconut milk, stir and simmer for 5 minutes.
8. You can wait for the soup to cool down a bit before blending it in batches in a blender. But if you’re like me aka lazy and have a hand blender, just blend the soup right away in the pot until you get your desirable thick, creamy consistency.
9. Garnish with some pumpkin seeds *optional

That’s it!

I think it’s a very versatile soup, you can have it with some breads for lunch or have it as it is for dinner. I cooked enough for three servings so I’ll know what I’ll have for lunch tomorrow!



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