New Year’s Celebration / Silvester in Germany

Yeah, I know, it’s already 5th January and most people are already tired of 2017 ;p I got to work on getting my blog post on time. Nope, that’s not my New Year’s resolution.

Ushering 2016 in at Cenang Beach, Langkawi really doesn’t feel like a year ago. Is it me or time seems to go faster each year?


Now we’re in 2017, a year older, I left my family and a city I’ve grown to love, got married and now living in a country continents away from my home country, Malaysia. Without mentioning all the horrible things happened all over the world and saying goodbye to many of my idols, 2016 is definitely a year to be remembered for so many reasons.

How was your New Year’s celebration? I spent mine dodging firecrackers, poppers and rockets in the streets of Heidelberg, Germany. In Germany, New Year’s celebration is called Silvester and it’s basically just an excuse to party, drink and make some noise. We had dinner at one of my husband’s ex-schoolmates before going crazy with shooting rockets and popping all sort of fireworks once the clock strikes midnight.

The mess after dinner, right before people went crazy in the streets.

Here’s a short video of how it looked like in Heidelberg during Silvester. I was told that this year’s celebration was rather ‘calm’ compared to previous years.

Needless to say, the day after is spent mostly in bed, nursing hangover and questioning the decisions you made in life LOL.

Hope you had a great start for the new year.



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