Hidden Figures (2016) movie reviews

Hidden Figures (2016) tells the story of three African-American women working at NASA who were instrumental in the success of America’s space program in  launching a man to orbit and eventually sending a manned mission to Moon. Based on a non-fiction book of the same title by Margot Lee Shetterly, the movie is set in 1960s and deals with racism, sexism and the Space Race … Continue reading Hidden Figures (2016) movie reviews

Easy Roasted Butternut Squash Soup Recipe

In a previous blog post, I mentioned about wanting to reduce my meat intake and include more plant-based food in my diet. My sister-in-law, a vegetarian since her teenage years (probably a vegan now), baked a vegan Thanksgiving roast for Christmas dinner and I was impressed at how good it tasted. Since then, I’ve been looking up vegan recipes and wanted to try making them … Continue reading Easy Roasted Butternut Squash Soup Recipe

La La Land (2016) **SPOILER REVIEW**

Walking out of this movie when the credits roll, I was a wreck. My eyes were red and puffy from crying halfway through to the end of the movie. I was so affected by this movie that I woke up the next day feeling emotional, I cried when I listen to Mia and Sebastian’s theme song. Now that I’ve somewhat recovered (breathe in, breathe out…), … Continue reading La La Land (2016) **SPOILER REVIEW**

New Year’s Celebration / Silvester in Germany

Yeah, I know, it’s already 5th January and most people are already tired of 2017 ;p I got to work on getting my blog post on time. Nope, that’s not my New Year’s resolution. Ushering 2016 in at Cenang Beach, Langkawi really doesn’t feel like a year ago. Is it me or time seems to go faster each year? Now we’re in 2017, a year … Continue reading New Year’s Celebration / Silvester in Germany