Quick update & short review – Estée Lauder Double Wear

I’m getting really good at procastinating, it scares me. This post was supposed to be up yesterday but I told myself that I wasn’t feeling like it, the pictures needed to be arranged in a collage because they’ll look better that way, I was too tired from our Saturday getaway to a small village in Swords, I needed a short nap before cooking the fish curry that I’ve been craving and meaning to cook since Monday, I needed to wait until I watch the season finale of Westworld (wait, what???) blablabla. Yeap, I have no problems finding an excuse not to do things. So now that I’m done watching the last episode of Westworld S01, let’s get on with this!

In the train on our way to Swords.

A colleague of my husband (ohmygerd, I have a husband!!!) invited us for an evening of BBQ food and loads of drinking ;p He lives in a village on the outskirts of Swords, a county town north of Dublin city centre. I love being in the city but it was nice to spend an evening in a place where car alarms don’t go off every few hours and no noisy trains passing by until late at night. We had some mean steak, sausages, learned a lot about distilling alchohol (the colleague makes his own liquor) and exchanged stories from our travels.

Oh, I went for a few rounds around the small farm on a kid’s quad. SO MUCH FUN. I wished I could’ve gone full speed on the thing but it was quite dark and the wheels tend to get stuck on some spots with soft soils.

Makeup time!

Ignore le hubby in the background ;p

We didn’t intend to stay overnight but we had so much fun that by the time we wanted to leave, it was too late to catch the last train to Maynooth. I was too tired and a little drunk from the homemade alchohol that I dozed off right after I hit the bed around 1.30am. I would’ve washed my face if I had my makeup remover with me. Trying to wash off waterproof makeup with just soap and water? Good luck. The mascara alone would a nightmare.

My current faves for daily makeup.

Quick info on my skin type: Oily-combo & acne-prone. Now that we’re moving into the colder months and I’ve just switched to new skincare products, my skin is currently, mostly, on the normal side with fewer breakouts.

Usually my face turns into a grease factory if I go to sleep without removing my makeup (I DON’T DO do this often, I knew this fact from the times when I used to party and stayed up all night when I was MUCH, MUCH younger). That doesn’t happen when I’m wearing my current fave foundation, Estée Lauder Double Wear😙😙😙.

Estée Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place foundation needs no introduction to the makeup and beauty community and there is a reason why it’s a cult fave; this stuff really works. It’s definitely full-coverage, keeps my oily-combo skin matte, transfer-proof and the staying power is incredible. I wore this foundation to concerts, through humidity, sweat & rain, this stuff DID NOT budge! I can’t praise this foundation enough when it comes to staying power. 

The only downside is, my pores hate having makeup on it for more than ten hours, they’d dilate and then comes the oils. That being said, the foundation stayed on beautifully from time of application at 10.30am to 2pm the next day. That’s over 24-hours!!! I’ve tried way too many foundations throughout the years, both high-end and drugstore, so it’s such a great feeling to find a highly raved product that actually works.

If you’re in the market for a new foundation and you love medium to full/buildable coverage, mattifying and long-wearing foundation, definitely give Estée Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place a try.

Boots.ie, €37.00


Sephora.com, $39.50


Have a lovely evening/day folks!




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